Commercial Litigation

Commercial Law Attorneys

Commercial disputes cause delays, eat up profits and damage the business relationships you depend on to turn a profit and grow your enterprise. Your commercial litigation attorney must .. read more



Laws meant to protect consumers from harassment by creditors can make it very difficult for lenders and merchants to collect sums to which they are entitled. Of course, waiting passively is .. read more

Business Law

Business Law Attorneys

Handel & Carlini, LLP understands that you are personally invested in your business and you want a law firm that will personally invest in your success. There are plenty of law firms that will accept a fee .. read more

Real Estate Law

Real Estate and Banking Law Attorneys

Facilitating commercial and residential real estate transactions is one of the most important ways Handel & Carlini, LLP promotes the growth and prosperity of the Hudson River Valley .. read more

Banking Law

Banking Law Attorneys

The Banking Section offers counsel to credit unions, commercial and savings banks, financial institutions and Insurance companies and engages... read more

Condominium Law

Condominium Law

Handel & Carlini, LLP represents developers before the New York State Office of the Attorney General and as Counsel to condominium associations... read more

Creditors Rights & Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Attorneys

The recent proliferation of business and consumer bankruptcy filings nationally has caused a domino effect, affecting lenders and forcing them to tighten credit, thereby slowing the overall economy .. read more

Construction Law

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Construction is the engine of our local and national economy. When construction is vibrant, it means that credit is flowing and jobs are being created. Thus, housing starts are often cited as an .. read more

Landlord-Tenant Law

Landlord-Tenant Law

Handle & Carlini, LLP provides comprehensive services to commercial landlords and real estate management companies in New York. Our broad range of services in landlord and tenant litigation includes such services as lease, contract and statutory rights enforcement, ..... read more